Bali retreat
Bali retreat

If you’re a woman who is ready to go beyond your comfort zone to reconnect to your body, intuition, and unravel your authentic self, join us for an adventure in culture, wellness, relaxation and fun that will lift your life to new realms.

August 31st- September 7th, 2024

Bali, Indonesia

Mesmerized by the beautiful views of the best rice fields, you feel your shoulders drop and your heart opens as you feel the warmth of the Bali sun. Envisioning deep roots growing from your heart, your energy merges with the unique essence of Bali.  Quiet, clear, calm energy rises within you as your heart leaps with joy.

 A surge of utter knowing spreads through your entire being. You are reminded of the gift of life. Goosebumps race up your arms as your breath deepens. Tears of joy streak down your face as you see your soul’s path laid out before your eyes. Instantly, your old ways of being melt away and an epic feeling of inner peace washes over you. You can’t remember the last time your body felt so relaxed and open to all of life’s possibilities. 

As you watch the blazing sunset, you are free from the unfinished to-dos, burdensome distractions and the nagging questions in life. While taking in the coconut tree views, you are living in the moment with no regrets. 

You reflect on the journey you co-created – the depth of sharing, the sweetness of your newfound connections and the fullness of having truly replenished your body and your soul. You recognize that you are being fully supported on your journey. You feel a deep knowing in your bones that the new ideas, skills and vision will help you create the life that you love.  

You understand at your core why this place is known as the center of wellness and spirituality. You have the most magnificent feeling that your life will never be the same.


Welcome… you know that you have been called to this Soulful Adventure in Bali.


Bali is the PERFECT place to spend 8 delightful days…

There is no better place to push the reset button!

There’s something about the magical energy of Bali that will inspire you and your imagination- and getting away from mundane routines, and exploring the nooks and crannies of this unique place- will have you feeling relaxed and reconnected to the depth of who you really are while letting your soul shine!

This unmissable retreat experience was specifically designed for YOU to combine wellness and spirituality that you will remember for a lifetime.

Oh the possibilities, By the end of this journey…

You’ll feel powerful at heart, connected to your inner power and able to confidently stand in your power at home, work, business and in all your relationships.

You let your soul ROAR and overpower any lingering doubts or temptations to settle or play small. You rev up your confidence to walk out your true dreams and desires, knowing yourself in a deep and profound way.

You’ll come away with the ability to make healthier decisions in your life and making what matters to you the most front and center.

And since you know that you have to put yourself FIRST, you’ll make divine self-care and self-love your norm. Make time to press pause on your life so you can go within and nourish yourself… using the art and science of true alignment.

Yes! It’s time to access your ability to tap into following the flow of feeling and intuition to guide your decisions. This journey will touch your desires and your life for years to come.


Enhance your mind-body balance, release energetic and mental blocks, and live a life you love.

Through each activity on the retreat, you will feel healthier, with more energy and vitality to do things you love. In an unique way, Natolie will lead you through a eye-opening exercises to pinpoint where you are out of alignment. Then, she will guide you in pinpointing the actionable steps that you can take to manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

Throughout the retreat, you will be guided through impactful experiental activities you will feel stress and anxiety dissolve in minutes and truly know you can live with peace and trust from now on. You will move with purpose, motivation and excitement about the future as you have the tools and resources to help you stay balanced and in flow.

You’ll come away from this retreat with the tools you need to make healthier decisions and set better boundaries in your life.

Daily breathwork, naps in the canopy and rejuvenating dips in the pool will allow you to reset and recharge so you leave feeling grounded, present and inspired to integrate the changes when you return home.

How amazing is that?

You’ll experience guided meditations and intentional silence where you’ll hear the whispers of your inner truth and connect with your true self so you will be crystal clear on the YES you want to embrace in your life.

Follow the call of your heart and embark on an adventure to reconnect with the deep riches of life, inner peace and self-love on the magical island of Bali.

(It’s hard NOT to feel like Julia Roberts on the movie set of Eat, Pray, Love!)

Experience your own Eat, Pray & Love journey that will inspire you to clear away the past and embrace the present moment in conscious intention to be open to new beginnings. Experience the vibrance of life in Bali as you fill all your senses with new wonders.

Reconnect to what matters most in life- YOU! 




Why You Should Join Us…

  • You know you were made for MORE… more joy, more love, more peace, more calm but you don’t have alot of time, energy or money to do it.
  • You yearn for experiences that are awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, and above of all… LIFE-changing.
  • You crave freedom and time to recharge and nurture your creativity.
  • You are a curious person so the idea of expanding your mind is intriguing.
  • You desire adventure and the space to connect with other amazing women to exchange ideas and possibilities. 
  • You lost touch with who you are and you are ready to risk everything simply by letting yourself GO


If you at least three of these or more resonate with you, then this soulful retreat was made especially with YOU in mind … that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE The Ultimate Reset in Bali.

“I have a clearer understanding of what it means to “choose me”. I now feel more peaceful and my temper is better. I have places “inside” to go for refuge when I encounter stressful moments and times. I hear the world differently.” If you are looking to step more fully into the possibility of who you are, this retreat is for you. Manifesting dreams requires intention, planning and action. At the retreat, you will get the tools to do them all!

Retreat Attendee 2022

What Can I Say? I Love Bali...


Bali is the perfect place to just take a pause, reset, and bring back to life healthy lifestyle principles on a deeper level.

Bali evokes a spiritual and wellness scene, with sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity.

We’ll be spending seven fabulous nights in Ubud enjoying the wonderful culture, food, shopping, and the charming décor of our digs: the fabulous 5-star luxury Soul Shine Bali. 

The resort is spread around rice fields, ancient temples and a beautiful river on the edge of the property. This place is known as the first Bali resort that is rooted in barefoot luxury, the joy of wellness and rock and roll.


Finding JOY & BALANCE in all things! 



 Step Into Your Power- And Bali Hospitality

You’ll be amazed at the spacious, sprawling accommodations…. It’s obvious the owners have designed the rooms with your comfort in mind, with no important detail overlooked.

Every room in Soul Shine has handcrafted furniture by local artisans mixed with antique pieces and modern decor.  — plus, there is a waterslide into a private pool just for its guests. This place is a beautiful respite for our soulful adventure.

Keep in mind, there’s no way you’re going home without a piece of Bali — whether it’s a beautiful lamp, unique textiles, handmade jewelry, handwoven ikats and batiks, coffee and chocolates.


You’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis that only YOU know about…


You’ll experience the finest of Bali hospitality- whether you want to sip a refreshing drink on the patio, journal in the yoga room with aerial views of the ride paddles, or have a meaningful conversation with one of your new friends by the river. Nestled into this gem with hospitality at its finest, you’ll recharge and realx until our next adventure begins.



There are two different rooms types at Soul Shine and this section should help you make a choice as to which room you would like. Every room is unique and delightful in its own Bali way. All of the rooms are air conditioned.

  • Garden Rooms– experience amazing tropical garden views with ensuite bathrooms. Single beds or King Bed. [Only 1 Room Left] 
  • Soul Rooms– experience picture window views of the jungle canopy, the temples or the garden. The decor is a mix of custom carved tribal furniture and modern decor. This room may have an ensuite bathroom or an outdoor rain shower. Single beds or King bed. [Only 1 Rooms Left]
  • Panorama Rooms– experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the rice fields and the sunsets. These newest and largest rooms have large terrazzo tubs, living areas and private balconies. Single beds or King Bed [SOLD OUT]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and we’ll help you pick the perfect room for you!


I'm ready to check Bali off my bucket list!


Let’s get this straight right from the start- Balinese food is simply delicious. Enjoying some of the most famous local dishes of Bali, you explore the new possibilites through you sense of taste.

Some local Flavor-ites: 

Nasi Goreng– Indonesian fried rice

Gado-Gado– Indonesian salad of raw, slightly boiled, blanched or steam vegetables, hard boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu and tempeh, served with a peanut sauce dressing; 

Mie Goreng– Indonesian style of stir-fried noodle dish 

If that’s not special enough- I’ve planned two special meals were we will enjoy authentic Balinese dishes together with other opportunities for you to venture out on your own.

If you don’t eat this or that — no worries — we’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.

At the Soul Shine restaurant, they have a variety of foods catering to all dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy free. 

They believe in being 100% healthy 90% of the time. Simply put, they have you covered to suit any craving and comfort foods you love.  Everything is prepared with your health and wellbeing in mind. Organic ingredients and produce come from their own organic garden and neighboring farms. They make healthy eating easy and delicious. 


Mealtime Is An Experience In And Of Itself

Be prepared for your mouth to water in anticipation of each and every meal. All your senses will be delighted  by the vibes combined with the exquiste new friendships and perfected seasoned dishes. You’ll experience meaningful conversations and connections while enjoying a great meal. The shares and laughs make the food given better. 

What’s Included

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Bali…

  • Eight incredible days and Seven blissful nights at Soulshine accommodations, double occupancy (yes, you can upgrade to a single room)
  • Pre-trip Preparation Class
  • Ground transportation to and from the Bali airport to the retreat lodging location (August 31st and September 7th at designated times only!)
  • All ground transportation to scheduled retreat events and excursions.
  • Seven delicious breakfast meals
  • Seven beautiful dinners
  • Seven mouth-watering lunches
  • A powerful purification ceremony at the Temple Waterfall
  • Holistic wellness experiences (meditation, movement and breathwork) as well as traditional Balinese healing and purfication practices.
  • 30-Minute Bali Massage on site
  • Our VIP party with music
  • Deep-dive transformational sessions and lots of juicy conversations all week!
  • Post-Retreat Call
  • Lifelong sisterhood connections
  • And so much more!

What’s Not Included

  • Your international round-trip flights from home
  • Souvenirs and shopping
  • Tips for drivers or services occured outside of schedule retreat activities
  • Spa treatments on the property (outside of what is listed above)
  • Meals not listed above
  • Visa (USA citizens are eligible to purchase a Visa-On-Arrival online or at the airport for $35 USD)
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance (which is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)



Arrive into the Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai (DPS) on August 31st before 2 pm if possible so we can pick you up and get you settled in before dinner. We recommend you depart September 7th after 1pm.



I am already there!


Bali has stunning beaches, robust cultural and historical offerings, glorious mountainous areas with lush greenery, scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers and secret canyons.

The island is filled with adventure and culture, from sacred religious sites, ancient architecture, sweeping views, and dense tropical jungles.

You’ll experience first hand the daily life of the people, the villages, the rice fields and the farms.  Immersing yourself into the Balinese culture through food, music, clothing, and historical sites. The unique and beautiful culture makes you feel alive and vibrant!

  • Visit to the Gates of Heaven
  • A powerful purification ceremony at the Temple Waterfall
  • Shopping at Ubud Open Markets
  • Bicycle Riding Through The Village
  • Bali Swings & Bird Nests 

The beauty of the land, the people, and the ancient practices are one-of-a-kind.



On this retreat, you’ll set in motion a re-aligning of your true dreams and desires so that you can show up fully empowered, more centered and in flow.

You’ll be able to access the answers to your pressing problems so you feel confident with your choices to move forward in your life. You’ll be more presence to be the calm, centered woman you want to be without breaking a sweat. 

You’ll feel more positive, compassionate and with an improved sense of self-worth after the retreat. You’ll also find deep relaxation which leads to more productivity and motivation in your life. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with nature, which is a perfect remedy for stress, and it increases pleasant feelings.

During our journey, you will connect with a group of like-minded soul sisters who are possibly facing similar challenges in life, making it easier to open your heart and soul and acknowledge your deepest desires without judgment.


It’s 8 days of adventure, delicious food, culture, growth, rejuvenation, spirituality, connection – and FUN– something we ALL desperately need as women!

  • This carefully curated experience was designed for YOU combining the ultimate reset with a heart-opening travel adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.
  • There’s something about the magical energy of this city that will inspire you and your imagination– the perfect place to gather, amplify our collective energy, and empower each other to soar in life!
  • You will experience a reset in every area of your life ― even more cruciallyyou’ll be taking YOURSELF to the next level.

I am so IN- How do I reserve my spot?

This retreat was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! The entire experience from start to finish was “life changing.” A culture rich and serene environment with lovely people and “muy delicioso” food!!! Many thanks and much love to Natolie Warren for hosting such a wonderful event and for taking me out of my comfort zone and into a new level of self-actualization!!!


Your Guide

Natolie Warren 

I’m thrilled that you made it here. I’ve created this space with you in mind. I know you are tired because I’ve been there too…

  • tired of feeling stuck
  • tired of feeling inadequate
  • tired of second guessing yourself and your decisions
  • tired of not having what you say you really want

No judgment… I get it… many of my clients will report similar struggles. They are deeply spiritual, intuitive, creative and heart-centered ambitious women. They are purpose driven women who are on a mission to share their gifts and talents with the world.

They are innately a dreamer!

When you are able to manage your own thoughts, habits and emotions, you Reclaim Your Power by steering the wheel for your own happiness, well being and success.

My intention is to provide a safe space for those that are ready to discover tools for self-healing, mind-body connection, and allowing them to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

I see you in your wholeness and I walk with you as you remember who you truly are. Our journey together has already begun.

As a Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness Informed Professional, Certified Trauma Informed Breathwork Faciliator, I am uniquely qualified and gifted to guide you through this journey. I utilize the tools that I teach to transcend anxiety, self doubt, unhealthy patterns and more. I am passionate about infusing psychology, spirituality, and science to guide transformative growth experiences. Through my own personal journey and over a decade of experiences supporting women, I have a crafted view and approach to creating greater fulfillment that has not only changed the trajectory of my life but soon, it will do the same for yours!


You Have Questions? We Have Answers!


What if I can’t afford a trip to Bali?

I certainly understand your concern. This is not a typical trip or vacation! This is an investment in yourself that support you having the life you desire. The strategies, tools and resources alone are worth the cost of the retreat and will be instrumental when you return home. Then there is the experience of being in Bali which only makes it better. So no need to worry! We have created payment options to make this a non-issue for you. Go ahead and start packing your bags now.

I am not sure I can fly this far. What should I do?

This is definitely a thought that I had too. It is a long flight and it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Think about how many people want to do something in life but they let something get in the way. This could actually be an opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and explore the endless possiblities for your life.

Do I have to share a room with a stranger? 

Not necessary! You totally have options. You can bring a family member or friend along with you. This has been the #1 thing women share with me after the retreat, “I wish I would have brought my friend.” No regrets for you as you can share this opportunity with her now. You can also invest an additional amount to upgrade to a private room. But if you are coming solo, there will be opportunities to meet the group before we leave to connect with someone else to choose a roommate.

How in the world can I leave my job and family for this long? 

This reason alone can be the reason why you should come on the retreat! You have to create the time and space for yourself so you can show up fully in life for YOU and others. You will come home better than you left and ready to take on the responsiblities of life.

Do I need a passport and visa?

Yes, you will need a passport and a visa to enter into Bali. Your passport cannot expire within 6 months of traveling. If you don’t have a passport, it is fairly easy to apply for one. Don’t wait until the last minute though because this could result in unwanted stress and overwhelm. Regarding the visa, US citizens are able to get their visa-on-arrival at the aiport. There is a $35 charge for the visa and you can pay in USD or Rupiah currency.

What is the cancellation policy?

A deposit is required at the time of registration. Deposits are non-refundable. Any cancellation made between 04/30/24-05/31/24 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: 06/01/24 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do, your deposit is refunded in full). TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard insurance online and choose from several policy options.

Where do I fly into?

We will be staying in Ubud. You will fly into Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai (DPS) International Airport. You will need to arrive by 2 pm local time to take ground transportation to the resort. Ground transportation will be provided for you to and from Soul Shine Bali. If you are not able to arrive in time to be on those transports, we can help you arrange your own transportation (at your cost).

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

Retreat with confidence during COVID-19. Your safety is our #1 priority. The country of Bali currently does not require that all visitors to the country be full vacinnated. We are not sure if this will change by the time we arrive in August of 2024. Click here to get details on travel requirements to Bali. Further, we will require all attendees to have a COVID-19 test done within 48 hours of departure.

Who can I talk to, I have more questions?

We are always happy to jump on a call and speak with you! In fact, there is a contact form below or you can email and we will get a call set up right away for you!


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